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Grassroots Natives Meet EPA, Highlight Keystone XL Concerns

English: Richard Ray Whitman (Yuchi-Muscogee C...

English: Richard Ray Whitman (Yuchi-Muscogee Creek) artist and actor, Oklahoma City, OK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Welcome to the Red Lake Nation

Welcome to the Red Lake Nation (Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn)



Grassroots Natives Meet EPA, Highlight Keystone XL Concerns by


by Rob Capriccioso


Reblogged from Indigenous Environmental Network:


American Indian citizens are ramping up efforts to inform various federal agencies about the potential harmful effects on tribal communities if the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline is granted permission to run through large portions of Indian country.


At least 100 grassroots tribal citizens participated in a thousands-strong February 17 rally in Washington, D.C., as they had at a similar White House peaceful protest in fall 2011. Their message was consistent: The federal government has done a poor job of consulting with tribes about the possible health and cultural impacts of the pipeline if it were allowed to carry oil through their homelands. Many of them fervently believe that such development could adversely affect health, have cultural ramifications and destroy sacred sites. Read the rest of this entry

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