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CLICK  [HERETO SIGN PETITION TO MEET DEMANDS ON HUNGER STRIKERS, WHICH INCLUDE The lifting of the isolation of Abdullah Ocalan, the guarantee of his health, security and freedom, as well as the full recognition of the Kurdish language – including the right to teaching in the Kurdish language and the lifting of the assimilations policies against Kurds.

The NATO international community is bound to the interests of Elites. In particular, political businessmen and women who invest very heavily in the Middle East and Turkey! Democracy and human rights of the US is short of the rights of subjugated Kurds!

However, Kurds themselves, especially these of the Diaspora have no enough national or humanitarian sentiments towards their fellows who suffer inside the big jail of Kurdistan.


Since 12th September 2012, 380 members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Free Women’s Party (PAJK) in 39 jails have found themselves on an indefinite hunger strike. The health of the strikers is getting severely worse. Amongst the hunger strikers there are jailed mothers of 60, journalists and minors. Although the hunger strike has reached a life-threatening stage, the Turkish AKP government remains silent. In response, spokespeople for the prisoners have insisted that the hunger strike will continue and that, from the 15th October 2012, all members of the PKK and PAJK that are political prisoners in jails in Turkey and Kurdistan will join the strike. So thousands of political prisoners will now be on hunger strike.

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