Police Corruption ~ We Need Justice for Devin Thomas





Please help Devin Thomas receive his Civil Rights in the Nevada County, CA Judicial System, and hold all accountable that have violated his rights.

Devin Thomas just turned 18, was in no hurry to even drive, happy to thoughtfully prepare for his educational and employment future while still enjoying riding motorcycles and enjoying his rural lifestyle with family and friends. Devin is also very generous, kind and peaceful person who loves animals, elderly and kids, and the nature of this crime is too far reaching for anyone that knows Devin. There are many wrong doings and civil rights violations with arresting and accusing and holding Devin for these alledged crimes. Please do not let this paticular Court system ruin Devins present and future



Published on Mar 28, 2014

Unfortunately, Devin has ended up a victim of this Counties insane ongoing corrupt legal system. He is innocent, only guilty of letting a homeless friend spend a few nights at his home to get out of the cold. Devin had no idea that this friend would end up being charged with a crime, let alone, him being accused of the crime as well.

There is much evidence that points to other individuals of serious criminal activities, yet Law and Courts in Nevada County are complicit to let an innocent young man take an unfounded charge so they can easily railroad a kid, and lie to the public on how easy and fast they can find the criminals to close the case, without having to work such a deal.

More insiders that know:  Click HERE for information about DIRTY COPS OF NEVADA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA.

Seriously, Devin’s Attorney, David Silber, has already worked for free with the promise of some funds to come to him here in the near future, because he is driven to get fairness for his innocent client. Please Help Devin get his Civil Rights and Liberties.

Click HERE to DONATE to Devin’s Legal Fund.

For Questions about Devin’s Legal Fund ~ Contact: David Silber Attorney At Law

  • (530) 265-9529
  • 240 Commercial St. Suite A
  • Nevada City, CA 95959


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