Entire Pacific Ocean Will Be Contaminated with Radiation in 6 Years ~ Breaking Fukushima News 10/20/2013




Research was done in 2011 based on Tepco’s lie saying it was in cold shutdown and that radioactive water releases had stopped after very little contamination had escaped. We now know that 300 tons of radioactive water have been released into the ocean every single day and releases have only increased. It is much worse than this model can convey.

Even nuclear engineers here are unable to access information on Fukushima, what happened, what’s happening now. Energy Secretary is keeping everyone in the dark, using the NRC to prevent anyone finding out what’s going on. They don’t want anyone to know about the core explosion in Unit 4. It was stated the number 4 reactor was “running unloaded”. They want people to believe two incompatible things. 1) That there was no core in Unit 4. 2) The fuel pool exploded, blowing the building to pieces without damaging the fuel rods at all.
Lake Barrett has said the fuel rods in the Unit 4 spent fuel pool are undamaged and not distorted. He says the fuel rods can be removed safely because they are fine. Hatrick Penry thinks the fuel pool exploded. If the fuel pool had exploded with enough force to blow up the whole building, the fuel pool would also have been damaged and would not be holding any water. Those upper floor fuel pools are actually “pretty fragile” according to Arnie Gunderson. He has friends at Tepco who have kept him up to speed on the condition of the fuel pool. Everyone seems to be confused, only because they were not paying attention to early references to the reactor 4 core, and they believe the PCV was empty. It wasn’t.

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Fukushima may be in path of Francisco. Pray the storm turns east.

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Pumps lack capacity to handle rainwater. Contamination just keeps coming.

How accurate are instruments in a nuclear power plant.?

Melted Cores Thought to be in contact with Groundwater.

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Tepco hiding ground collapse, mudslide, subsidence at Fukushima that occurred during Wipha. Road blocked. Workers afraid.

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Mysterious new source of Pacific contamination.

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CBS helping in Fukushima cover up.

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Watch this whole video if possible but pay special attention to the last segment, beginning at 10 minutes 7 seconds. The evil Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz is capable of has no limit. As long as Ernest Moniz is in our government or has influence in our government, no one is safe. Prosecute Ernest Moniz for covering up Fukushima.

Citizens of Japan are so anxious to “support” the disaster victims of the Tsunami, Earthquake, nuclear disaster, they are clearly ignoring the dangers of radiation & radiation in the pacific ocean.  Abe wants to “dispel rumors” of radioactive seafood… while it was announced (at least in This clip I included) that the entire Pacific Ocean would be contaminated within 6 years (Posted August 30, 2013, however the study was done before then).

CNN: Scientists puzzled as rare ‘sea monsters’ wash ashore in Southern California — Expert: 2 giant oarfish and saber-toothed whale in a week… “What is going on?”
CNN, Oct. 18, 2013: Scientists puzzled as rare sea monsters wash ashore […] For the second time in a week, a sea animal that typically is nowhere near the surface, washed ashore in California. This time, a saber-toothed whale. […]  Such a sighting of the whale up close in California “is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” [said Heather Doyle, director of the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium]. […] Just three days earlier, another rarely observed species — a sea-serpent-like animal called an oarfish — was discovered dead at Catalina Island off the Los Angeles coast. […] so little is known about the deep-water [whale] that lives in the north Pacific. Its strandings typically occur in Alaska or Japan. […]
CNN’s New Day, Oct. 18, 2013: There’s a Japanese legend that oarfish beach themselves to warn of an impending earthquake. And, in fact, dozens of them did just that in Japan about a year before the devastating Fukushima quake and tsunami in 2011.
Later on Friday…
San Diego Union-Tribune, Oct. 18, 2013: Oarfish washes up in Oceanside […] For the second time in a week, a rare serpent-like oarfish has surfaced in Southern California, this one on Friday at Oceanside Harbor. […] On Sunday an 18-foot-long oarfish was found near Catalina. […]
Pete Thomas Outdoors, Oct. 18, 2013: Another oarfish discovery in Southern California makes three rare sea creatures in less than a week; what is going on? […] Less than a week after an 18-foot oarfish carcass was found by a snorkeler in a bay at Santa Catalina Island, another large oarfish was found 35 miles across the channel on the beach in Oceanside. […]  It remains unclear why two specimens have come ashore in Southern California in so short a period. One reader on the ABC San Diego Facebook page commented, “Japan radiation.”

Sailor: “After we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead” — Nothing alive for over 3,000 miles — No longer saw turtles, dolphins, sharks, birds — Saw one whale, it appeared helpless with big tumor on head

Stockholm syndrome http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockhol…

Nuclear Waste Storage Facility Whistleblower Fired After Reporting Dangerous Conditions

Latest Headlines:http://enenews.com/
Japan Times: “The great unknown” — Where will nuclear fuel be found after “melt-through” at 3 Fukushima reactors? Official Expert: Humans may have to hunt for corium after raising limits on radiation exposure

“Gravest situation since 2011 Fukushima accident” — Nuclear Expert: Emergency effort is needed at plant; “I can’t make out just why the Japanese are reluctant to take strong measures”

Sailor: “After we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead” — Nothing alive for over 3,000 miles — No longer saw turtles, dolphins, sharks, birds — Saw one whale, it appeared helpless with big tumor on head

Japan Professor: It’s such a dangerous situation for other countries — Gundersen: Gov’t does not want an adequate solution for crisis at Fukushima; Fear of it being found out just how bad things really are at plant? (VIDEO)

CNN: Scientists puzzled as rare ‘sea monsters’ wash ashore in Southern California — Expert: 2 giant oarfish and saber-toothed whale in a week… “What is going on?” (VIDEO)

TV: Concerns about rain on U.S. West Coast having Fukushima contamination — “The monitoring effort, our vigilance, should be stepped up” (VIDEO)

Super typhoon on course for Japan — Winds up to 190 mph, could soon be Category 5 storm — “May follow Typhoon Wipha’s path” … “Developed in a similar area” (VIDEO)

Tepco admits “radiation levels in groundwater are soaring” at Fukushima — “Strontium readings spike 6,500-fold in one day” (VIDEO)

Alert: Top Japan nuclear official suggests Fukushima reactors “leaking directly into sea”… not mixing with groundwater and getting diluted — Expert: Contamination flowing from plant will be carried away to North America’s west coast.


You see the Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz cannot learn from bad experiences. Why? Because energy corporations have paid him many millions of dollars to look after their interests and he does. Moniz must be removed from office and tried for high treason for covering up the Fukushima meltdowns. The ongoing release of radiation from Fukushima consitutes a continuing nuclear attack on the United States of America. Moniz sits on the boards of these energy corporations and is constantly spewing his lies into the ears of our politicians to preserve his money stream. I have NO CONFIDENCE in Ernest Moniz. He will allow himself to be poisoned with the rest of us to squeeze another buck out of obsolete forms of energy.

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