If Oklahoma Gets Their Foot in the Horse Slaughter Door ~ It’s All Over ~ SIGN NOW.


In Addition to Signing Petition, PLEASE Make Phone Calls.





Oklahomans do not kill and eat their horses and we do not kill and eat them anywhere else in the United States.

SB375 if passed would repeal our existing Oklahoma State law which prohibits anyone from possessing, transporting, selling or consuming horse meat. Therefore making horse slaughter and human consumption of horse meat legal for the first time since 1963 in the State of Oklahoma.

HB1999 if passed would make horse slaughter legal in Oklahoma without repealing our current horse meat law as long as the horse meat is not sold in Oklahoma and only to outside entities, meaning outside the state or outside the United States.

Both bills are bad for our domestic and wild horses, Oklahoma tax payers, rural communities, and for the image of Oklahoma as a horse friendly state.

Over 80% of Americans are against horse slaughter and the consumption of horse meat. A solid reflection of how consumers and horse industry participants vote and spend on this issue is clear, as every attempt at re-opening horse slaughter plants in the United States since 2007 has been met with fierce opposition across the nation.



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    • You got it Jan! United we can save horses from slaughterhouses opening…all for one and one for all. I don’t know these lawmakers are thinking. Oklahoma is the horse capital of the USA right? The bills ought to shot down and then the politicians backing these two bills should be taken down and shamed! Signed, shared and tweeted.

  2. Stop all Horse Slaughter…………………….

  3. To even consider this seriously cast a horrible light on the State of Oklahoma. Hopefully they will follow the lead of New Mexico and throw this bill out on it’s ear along with Mark Allen and Skye McNeil.

  4. This is a barbaric practice, WHY would anyone slaughter a HORSEW for MEAT??? I live in California and we would never do this!

  5. This cruelty must stop now. Lets get together and find a less offense and humane way to control population.

  6. Done! Yours, in solidarity.

  7. This cruelty must stop now, these are God’s children, they have rights too. People have no right to kill other life forms. Please find compassion and mercy in your hearts and stop this evil killing now.

  8. I’m from NJ…can I sign?

  9. Dennis Brant, Osage Cattleman

    Mark Allen and Skye McNeil are going to ruin our CATTLE industry here in Oklahoma. Both, I’ve read, stand to personally profit from slaughtering horses, 90% of which are young and perfectly healthy ready to work or ride. Is it true that an ethics violation has been filed against Skye McNeil? Somebody ought to look into this since she and Allen are going to ruin our cattle industry. European beef sales are down over a BILLION DOLLARS because of horsemeat. And we’re next… STOP THEM NOW.

  10. This may not be the correct place to ask this question
    Why can we not fund low cost euthanasia? I believe horse lovers across the world would be willing to donate. Instead of funding inspectors for horse slaughter plants
    Is there anyone out in this country trying to do this? Thank you

  11. …I find it a very sad day in this country when you have to debate if you will intentionally, and knowingly poison thousands of unknowing men, women, and children, of foreign countries! I am enraged over the fact that you would allow foreign investors and the 1% involved in this barbaric issue..to go ahead with the opening of these houses of horror. we do not want our tax dollars used to support the slaughter of America’s horses. we do not want you to give tax abatements to such an inhumane act. with more and more people in this country eating organic, going green, and fighting to have gmo’s removed from our food supply…why is this even an issue? oh..silly me..it is ONLY about greed and MONEY.. we as americans are truly sorry if we allow this to happen. this nation used to pride itself in setting an example for the rest of the world on humanity and compassion..we are doomed as a nation when terrorists, convicts, illegals, and pedophiles, get more bleeding heart compassion, than our elderly, poor, and our animals! GOD help us and our horses! … it has to make you realize….it is ONLY about the money! we need to contact foreign media outlets…and have them ask our government… YOU!!…why? the E U has banned horsemeat from the U.S.A.. I wonder what will happen when they finally put 2 & 2 together and realize that they have been eating our tainted horsemeat all along… and our politicians have been turning a knowing blind eye! GOD help our horses and us! I recently read an article with a quote from de los santos…he stated that he has already implemented his shipping of the meat to mexico! Does the european people know this? What do you think those people will say or do when they are told? What do you think will happen when someone over there puts 2 & 2 together and realizes that the politicians and branches of our governent have been turning an intentional blind eye to the killbuyers sending almost 200,000 of america’s horses through mexico & canada…..for the past 6 or 7 years!!!!!!!!!! Remember the mad cow issue? That is where you all will be heading for…if you allow this to happen! Sincerely….linda spinazzola

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