Religion 101 – There is Only ONE Religion With God’s Stamp of Approval – Love & Compassion


The True Religion

The True Religion

Author | Anthoney Mahateva

(Editor’s Opinion)  True Religion Brings LIFE and promotes an atmosphere of Thriving and Fluorishing.  False Religion Brings DEATH – preceded by Pain, Sorrow, Unhappiness and Illness.  WHAT is Important to God?  WHAT is God’s Bottom Line?  If you keep the Sabbath Day Holy, and Pay Your Tithe Faithfully ~ and at the same time Live a Life devoid of Love and Compassion while contributing to the torture and murder of your Brothers and Sisters, the Animals, Trees, and Other Humans,  which actions do you think will Tip the Scales and Decide Your Inheritance?  I cannot Judge, Only God can Judge ~ Maybe we should RE-inspect our ideas of The Religion which Leads to Life.  Choose Ye This Day, Whom You Will Serve:  The God of LIFE – or The God of DEATH.



The storm came suddenly with a heavy downpour. roads were flooded. cars  were struck. Heavy delays, fear and mayhem. Every-one was miserable and  had to find a safe abode temporarily just like this young couple who  had to take shelter in a safer place with many others. They were deeply  in love and just loved being so close to each other. Years later they  will recall the storm with great joy while the others felt very  differently. It was a matter of feelings. The feelings of the young  couple were in diametrical opposition to that of the others. So  ultimately ONLY FEELINGS MATTER and is EQUALLY TRUE for all Sentient  Beings whether human or otherwise.

thisnthatreligion5Many two legged Demons have  asked me time and again, “why are you so concerned with animal  suffering?”. I tell the Automatons that Compassion for the suffering of  animals is an ACTUAL FEELING in me and I cannot get past that even if I  wanted to do so. If you do not have such feelings for non-human animals  how will you know? How will I explain to a child who has no physical  pain sensation whatsoever as to what pain feels like. One member of a  Vegan group that I belong to responded that he will use body language.  Of course it is not going to work because pain is a feeling and if you  do not have that feeling you will never get the hang of it.

Many compassionate persons are horrified at the utter lack of compassion  and the callous disregard that the vast majority of human animals have  for non- human animals. Yet, a good many of them will mourn the  suffering of a fellow human. I find such persons totally repulsive. Of  course they will ridicule you for the compassion you have for animals  and the compassionate person will be surprised as to how they can be  this vulgar and evil. How many of us have had heated discussion with the  enemies of compassion? The Trappers, Hunters, Vivisectionists, Carcass  Chewers and other Speciesists who will actively defend animal  brutalization. They will even bring in a God made in their own brutal  image seeking justification for savagery. They get really upset at our  defense of our voiceless Sentient Animal Brothers and Sisters that  endure hell imposed by humans. Why is it so? Feelings of non-human  Sentient Beings do not matter to them.

Think of what our  wretched species does to the fellow sentient beings we share this planet  with. Cows are machine raped. If Male the babies end up for Veal  Production. Females will relive the horrors of their mothers. If you can  drink the milk of an animal it is virtually mothering you. What do you  do in return after partaking of the milk that nature intended for you  calf brother? You drink the mother’s milk, eat the calf as Veal and when  the overworked suffering mother becomes useless, eat her as well. Now  we do not spare the male of the Species either. A being of great evil  called a Matador torments, tortures and kills a bull to his/her joy and  that of cheering demon spectators including demon children to the  accompaniment of music. An evil entity in the garb of a priest blesses  the Matador before his act of sadism. A malevolent species brutally  exploits and murders the entire family of a benevolent species.

The mother dog screams in unspeakable pain and agony as she is being  skinned alive, her eyes still searching, out of concern for her puppy  which is awaiting it’s turn. This is how we repay a non-human sentient  animal being for its devotion, affection, loyalty and ALTRUISM. Yet  vulgar people without any conscience wear fur coats. More than half the  fur used by Canada Goose comes from animals skinned alive especially  dogs and cats in China.

A Great Teacher once said that no one  pours new wine into old wine caskets because it will burst. Instead you  put new wine in to new wine caskets. So do not waste yourthisnthatreligion6 valuable time  and scatter your energies by trying to get water from a stones in  seeking compassion and justice from Adults who have no FEELINGS of  COMPASSION for animals. These are dark forces in human bodies whether  they be our kith and kin.

Gandhi as a child in his formative  years had a JAIN MENTOR who AWAKENED THE FEELINGS OF COMPASSION in him  for all sentient beings. You could have sealed Gandhi’s eyes shut. But  that which he has now seen, known and felt, – the feelings of compassion  for all sentient beings could never be taken away. Hence Gandhi could  not turn a blind eye to the suffering of any sentient being human or  otherwise. The Secret to a better tomorrow from the dark forces in human  bodies is plainly evident.

Awaken compassion in children for  all Sentient Beings before they grow in to the brutal Speciesist mindset  of the barbaric adults around them. Never to forget that there is a  major difference between TEACHING and AWAKENING COMPASSION. The former  is clinical and virtually dead while the latter is alive because it is  of deep feelings.

To awaken Children to the feelings of  compassion to all Sentient Beings is to bring in that critical awareness  that when it comes to the feelings of joy, contentment, pain and  suffering, animals are our equals. After all feelings matters, theirs to  them as ours to us. ONLY FEELINGS MATTER.


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